Bibi to Biden, Dems: Drop Dead

Turnabout is fair play:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will travel to Washington to speak before the U.S. Congress next month despite calls to cancel his speech. His remarks Monday at an election rally come amid an uproar over his planned speech about Iran before Congress next month.

Netanyahu said: “A bad deal with Iran is forming in Munich that will endanger Israel’s existence. … Therefore I am determined to go to Washington and present Israel’s position before the members of Congress and the American people.”

House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, extended the invitation without discussing it beforehand with the White House. That angered the administration of President Barack Obama. Netanyahu said despite the differences in opinion, U.S. relations remain strong.

Netanyahu’s speech would come days ahead of Israel’s March election.


AP still sticking to the White House that Netanyahu never notified them. Which is, of course, a lie. Meanwhile, Abe Foxman — consistently, one of the worst possible spokesmen for American Jewry — has called on Netanyahu to cancel:

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti Defamation League said that the political uproar ignited by Netanyahu’s invitation to speak to a joint meeting of Congress makes such a move unhelpful and therefore it should be scrapped. “It’s a tragedy of unintended consequences,” Foxman told the Forward, describing how the idea of presenting Israel’s view on Iran spiraled out of control, reaching even the Jon Stewart show, a step, Foxman said, that “turned the whole thing into a circus.”

“One needs to restart, and it needs a mature adult statement that this was not what we intended,” Foxman told the Forward. He said that going ahead as planned with the speech would be counter-productive, with all attention given to the political controversy rather than to the issue at stake. “It has been hijacked by politics,” Foxman said. “Now is a time to recalibrate, restart and find a new platform and new timing to take away the distractions.”





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