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Holder's Farewell Tour: Telling Cops to 'Earn Trust' of Communities

Because it’s all the cops’ fault, right?

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that law enforcement and other leaders should use the national debate over the use of force to improve relations with the communities they serve.

Holder called for the dialogue at a meeting with politicians, law enforcement officials and community leaders in Oakland, California, a city that has seen tumultuous demonstrations against police.

It was the sixth and final city where Holder has convened such a meeting since President Obama asked him to organize the discussions.

“Recent events have cast a stark light on rifts that have emerged throughout the country,” Holder said. “And that’s why I’ve been traveling the nation in recent months to hold roundtable discussions — like this one — aimed at bringing people of all backgrounds and perspectives together to restore trust where it has been eroded, and to build trust where it never existed.”

Holder said the debate about police relations is an opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf told the group earlier, “We have got to do more to win back the trust of the community.”

Didn’t this guy retire about a year ago? This has got to be the longest farewell tour in the history of presidential administrations.

Holder and his boss have been on the wrong side of almost every high publicity law enforcement story since they’ve been in office. They are quick to blame the police and give a free pass to criminals. One wonders how he can give speeches like this without getting a chair thrown at him.

Oakland is a criminal cesspool and has been for quite a long time. Maybe city officials should be thanking the police rather than admonishing them.