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Politico: Now That Dems Are Being Obstructionists It's...Still the Republicans' Fault

Wow, couldn’t see this coming.

Senate Democrats again blocked Republicans’ attempt Wednesday to bring up a funding bill for the
Department of Homeland Security — filibustering the legislation over provisions that would unravel President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.
The vote was 53-47.

The Senate had reached the same outcome on a procedural vote on the same bill Tuesday, and the situation is expected to play out again this week — quite apropos in the days after Groundhog Day.

Senate Republicans plan to force the minority to block the bill multiple times, and they slammed Democrats for refusing to let the chamber even take up the DHS funding measure so changes more to their liking could be considered.

The pathetically predictable MSM isn’t wasting any time running interference for the Democrats. In the years that the Dems had the Senate majority, it was always the fault of the Republicans if they blocked a bill. No mention whatsoever was made of what language the majority may have added to a bill to make it objectionable to the GOP. In fact, the Harry Reid brigade would often simply not let things come up for a vote and the Republicans were blamed for that too.

Here is hoping that leadership remains aware of the fact that they’ll never get a break in the media and act accordingly.