After Paris Attacks, Media Matters Comes Out Swinging...Against Fox News

Where would Islamic terrorists be without American media progressives immediately running interference after each of their murderous attacks?

The Soros monkeys at Media Matters For America got right to work being mad at Fox News for being mad at terrorists after a terrorist attack (I won’t post a link to MMFA but I will provide a screenshot at the end of this post). They feign outrage at-get this-FNC’s politicization of the attack. Apparently, every tragedy can be used to push a political agenda except Islamic terrorist attacks.


After the knee-jerk Fox News tantrum, they link to a three month old interview with Reza Aslan that faults the media for using just a few examples to make generalizations about Islam.

Good puppies…you’ve hit your terrorist appeasement goals for the day.

Click to enlarge.


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