Two Small Children Predict Hillary! Will Carry 42 States

Sure, it’s MSNBC. And Chris Hayes. And Ezra Klein. Still, from Newbusters:

Journalist Ezra Klein on Monday pronounced that if economic conditions continue, Hillary Clinton will win “42 states” in 2016. The former Washington Post columnist, now the editor at, appeared on MSNBC’s All In to prognosticate.

Talking to Chris Hayes, he cited falling gas prices and declared, “If this was one year from today, if this were 2016, Hillary Clinton would be about to carry 42 – …if it continued on, Hillary Clinton would be looking to carry 42 states, right?” Offering a caveat, he continued, “If it continues, Clinton is in great shape, but it could turn around at some point.”


As di bubbe volt gehat beytsim volt zi gevain mayn zaidah, as the old Yiddish proverb has it.

Video and audio at the link. Must-see TV!


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