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Will Pope Francis Really Come Out for 'Global Warming'?

Or it is just more disinformation about the Catholic Church from the lefty media? The Telegraphs Christopher Booker thinks it just might be:

Last month there was the defacing by Greenpeace of two Inca World Heritage Sites. Then there was the study from the Woods Hole Research Center showing that Arctic squirrels are “contributing far more to global warming than was previously thought” by burrowing into permafrost to release huge quantities of methane.

Ever more desperate become the warmists’ efforts to lobby for that “global climate treaty” they hope to see signed in Paris next December. But a special prize must go to the Guardian for its claim that Pope Francis will soon issue an encyclical calling on the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to pressurise their politicians into supporting this treaty.

Not bloody likely

Not bloody likely

Remember that most of what you read about the Pope comes from journalists who know next to nothing about the Catholic Church, and who can’t tell a Franciscan from a Jesuit from a Dominican.

The Pope has been persuaded to take this dramatic step, it is alleged, by a series of papers from something called the “Pontifical Academy of Sciences”, which might sound vaguely impressive until we see who wrote them. They are like an A-list of the world’s most strident climate alarmists…

Did the Guardian fall for the lobbyists’ wishful thinking? The Pope’s promised encyclical on man and the environment may well be outspoken about human greed, and inequality in how the world’s natural resources are being exploited. But from his previous statements on the subject there is little to suggest that he will lend his support to that ludicrous treaty the warmists are clamouring for.

There’s never any predicting what any given Pope is going to say or do. But, for Catholics, unless he’s speaking ex cathedra (from the chair of St. Peter) about matters of faith and morals, everyone’s also free to ignore him.