This Article From 2012 Reveals Why Huckabee Cannot Be the GOP Nominee

So former Arkansas governor (and now former Fox News host) Mike Huckabee has either A) deluded himself into thinking he actually has a shot at the nomination or B) is just using the 2016 presidential contest to raise his persona and set himself up for more money in a post-election career. I cynically or realistically lean more toward the latter because I like to give Huckabee the benefit of the doubt, that he’s intelligent enough to recognize he carries far too much baggage to be a viable candidate or one amenable to the various factions of the GOP and conservative movement.


But then I remember occasions like what Ron Radosh wrote about on November 29th, 2012, and wonder if maybe it just might be stupidity, too. From “Governor Mike Huckabee Sings the Praises of Oliver Stone — A Simple Question: Why?“:

He had as guests on his radio program none other than Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, there to give their TV series, The Untold History of the United States, more publicity and attention. Listen to the interview, and you will find one of the most disgraceful interviews by a conservative that you will ever hear.

One might expect that Huckabee or his staff would have done some homework, and if he chose to have these two advocates of what Roger L. Simon rightfully calls “Stalin porn” on his program, ask them challenging questions. You will be waiting a long, long time. Instead of asking them any tough questions at all, Huckabee allows them to use their assigned time to spout leftist propaganda without any objection or disagreement….

Indeed, Huckabee went on to agree with them when he argued that Republicans were captives of Wall Street interests, and praised the two for revealing the evils of the American system to viewers of the series. I happen to agree with those who argue that conservatives have foolishly ignored the concerns of the middle-class and working-class and have failed to address their fears with alternative programs that address their just concerns. But making this point is quite a different one than that the Governor made, as you can hear for yourself….

So I must ask: Why does a well-known conservative and former presidential candidate, who supposedly knows something about foreign policy, give over his air-time to two far leftist propagandists, and never argue with them? Why does he, in fact, seem to praise the two for their efforts, and indeed go on to agree with them for being anti-capitalist?


Right Scoop has some quotes from the interview (the audio seems to no longer be available online; if anybody finds it please email, tweet, or link in the comments):

HUCKABEE: Let me just add, you know I think some of the challenges that we’ve seen, that the Republicans have failed, miserably, is that they have been very vitriolic and we shouldn’t have welfare for these poor people, and all these food stamps, but then they’ll turn around and give welfare for some of these corporations who are mismanaged into the ground, by some of these people who’ve jumped from the burning wreckage with billion-dollar bonuses. And I think you’ve addressed that in the film, as well as in the book, is that correct Oliver?

HUCKABEE: Peter, is there one great lesson, I mean, you have many great lessons in this 10-part series, but is there one big theme you wish Americans, when they watch the film or read the book would glean from it? What’s the takeaway?

KUZNICK: Well, first of all, the need for nuclear abolition, but even more broadly, the need for the United States to be part of the world. The United States can’t set itself off as the lone power, the hegemon, the exceptional nation, the indispensible nation, the United States has to become part of the world community, and we have to find ways to solve some of these problems, without the military, without the use of arms. We have too much of a knee-jerk, kind of militaristic response, and our culture is pervaded by that. I think what we need to do is to start to see ourselves as part of the world, and start to find other ways.


What self-identified Republican or conservative would make Huckabee their first choice for 2016? Anybody care to speak up for their man in the comments?


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