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Jason L. Riley Explains How Al Sharpton's Activism Aids Criminals & Hurts Poor Communities

Here’s some moral clarity from one of the Gen-X heirs of the Thomas Sowell intellectual tradition:

“And, you know, my concern here is that this false narrative being pushed by everyone from Obama to Holder to Mayor de Blasio, that we have an epidemic on our hands of cops shooting young black men is not only false, it is harmful to the law-abiding residents of these poor communities. The worst thing, the only thing worse than living in one of these poor black neighborhoods, is living in a neighborhood that is poorly policed. The idea that when you dial 911 they may take their time coming or not come at all, and we are already seeing stories about that. In today’s New York Post there was a story about police making fewer arrest, issuing fewer summons, that’s who gets hurt.”

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