First Family Not Feeling the Recession

It’s great to be the Emperor Hussein! Warning: this story might make you sick:

President Obama has dined at some of the trendiest restaurants in the world, from Japan to Martha’s Vineyard, to his hometown of Chicago and his childhood home in Hawaii. After six years in the White House, the first couple has found plenty of reasons to celebrate at some of Washington’s top eateries, enjoying the city’s best high-brow, and low-brow cuisines, reports CBS News correspondent Bill Plante.

“President Obama is eating at far hipper places than any other president in modern history, partly because Washington has hipper restaurants than we’ve had in a long time, but part of it has to do with the Obamas’ taste. They seem to like going out,” Washington Post writer Emily Heil said.

Washingtonians rarely saw president Mr. Obama’s predecessor out on the town. “As a diner, President Obama is so much cooler than President Bush,” Heil said. “President Bush really didn’t leave the White House at night very often. He didn’t seem to enjoy dining out, and dining at hip places the way the Obamas do.”


Nothing’s too good for our Barry:

Former White House press advance Brent Swander spent six years planning trips for President George W. Bush and several White House hopefuls. He said it can take up to a dozen people and days of planning for one presidential night out.

Has there ever been a president who’s enjoyed the trappings of the office more and the duties less than Obama? There’s video, too, if you can stomach it. 

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