Social Media Explodes in Joy as News Breaks of Dead NY City Police Officers

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the outpouring of nauseating hate and joy expressed by many on the left over the execution of two New York City police officers. In truth, there is a case to be made to ignore the celebration of death, not give it any oxygen to breathe nor acknowledge it exists in any way.


But holding up these examples of inhumanity for all to see is both necessary and proper. It is necessary because it’s a record of hypocrisy that the entire left cannot ignore. And it is proper because it is instructive as to the depths that humans can sink in their depravity.

They were compiled — many of them — by LilMissRightie from #BlueLivesMatter, a hashtag hijacked by protestors earlier.

I will simply let the tweets speak for themselves. Via Twitchy:



LMR apologizes for upsetting people:

It gets worse:





LilMissRightie should be commended for her compilation of mentally unbalanced thoughts from some pretty despicable human beings. Two more from her on the next page.




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