What's 'Racist' About Islam?

We're back

We’re back

Or about fearing what Islam can do to Western society? Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, has her Ossie panties in a bunch over what’s going on in Dresden:


Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned a series of anti-Muslim demonstrations centered on the eastern city of Dresden, saying via an aide on Friday that there was “no place in Germany” for hatred of Muslims or any other religious or racial group. “In the name of the government and the chancellor I can say quite clearly that there is no place in Germany for religious hatred, no matter which religion people belong to,” said the chancellor’s spokeswoman, Christiane Wirtz.

“There is no place for Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or any form of xenophobia or racism,” she said of the growing Monday evening marches in Dresden under the motto PEGIDA, standing for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”.

Here speaks the authentic voice of the Suicidal West. Like most Europeans countries, Germany has decided to breed itself out of existence and therefore needs “immigrants” in order to keep its social safety net in good working order until the last ethnic German dies. The deal is simple: the Germans will exploit the unskilled “immigrants” from Turkey and the Middle East and the “immigrants” eventually will take over the country. What could be fairer?

In the meantime, what is “racist” about opposing all the social, cultural and economic ills that an alien, historically hostile “culture” brings with it? Is the country of Beethoven, Goethe and Schiller just supposed to lie down and die quietly? Maybe not — but the country of the National Socialist German Workers Party mostly certainly is:


Public expressions of anti-immigrant sentiment are largely taboo in mainstream German politics because of the Nazis’ mass-murder of Jews and other groups in the Holocaust… but local officials say they are struggling to cope with the largest number of asylum-seekers in Europe, with net immigration at its highest levels in two decades…

The latest PEGIDA march on Monday drew up to 10,000 people and almost as many counter-demonstrators. The organizers, who began two months ago with a few hundred people, say they are not against immigrants but want to protest against Islamic extremism and the influx of asylum-seekers. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said not all the marchers are racists and they include some who are “expressing their fears about the challenges of the times.”

Can’t have that now, can we?

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