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Obama Camp Shifting Support to Elizabeth Warren for 2016

From The Weekly Standard:

A group of more than 300 hundred former Obama staffers have written an open letter urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president of the United States. “We helped elect Barack Obama — now we’re calling on Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016,” the letter is titled.


The group is calling itself “Ready For Warren” and seems to be directly mocking Her Madameship’s “Ready For Hillary” campaign.

The press refuses to cover most Democrat internecine squabbles, preferring to portray every small disagreement among Republicans as a “civil war.” There is, and always has been, however, a lot of ill will between the Clinton and Obama camps. Mrs. Clinton will more than likely have to almost completely disavow the president when she begins heavy campaigning, and that will likely drive Team Lightbringer to work even harder to support an opponent.

Senator Warren may insist that she isn’t running, but she’s been giving a lot of speeches lately and firing up the class warfare rhetoric. Hillary Clinton is extremely vulnerable on her left flank and there are a host of progressive Democrats who could launch primary attacks there, but Warren is the one behind whom the early money is moving.

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