VIDEO: Obama Does His Best Santa Impression

President Obama seemed to enjoy his “ho, ho, ho” Santa impersonation today while delivering Toys for Tots to the Marine Corps Reserve at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling today.


Obama hauled in two bags in Santa style while Michelle Obama set down one bag, briefly chuckling at the president.

“That’s a pretty serious ‘ho, ho, ho,'” she said.

“Ho, ho, ho,” the president replied.

Michelle Obama told the crowd that she “brought a little help this year,” noting her husband hadn’t been to the Toys for Tots campaign event before.

“Welcome to Toys for Tots. Your first year. We’re going to break you in slowly, okay?” she said, patting him on the back.

Michelle said it’s the sixth year she’s been involved.

“And every year it’s just a tremendous privilege to be able to be a part of making Christmas just a little brighter for a few kids across the country,” she said. “And we try to make it a big deal at the White House. We create competitions. I think this year the office that collected the most toys got a Bo and Sonny visit.”


She said the White House employees probably donated 1,000 toys this year.

In introducing the president, Michelle said she didn’t know how good he’d be at sorting gifts. “Because he doesn’t usually deal in shopping in any kind of way,” she said. “But we’ll watch him closely to see if he can figure out which ones are girls, zero to two, or unisex. It gets really complicated. So watch him, because he could really make your work harder.”

“I’m the big elf,” President Obama quipped. “I’m like Will Ferrell.”


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