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Make a Liberal Mad, Shop Here

From deep in the bowels of Crazytown come these helpful hints for members of the Hive looking for places not to patronize. According to writer Mindy Fischer, the major don’ts include Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Exxon and Cracker Barrel. Sample entry:


3. Carl’s Jr. Carl’s Jr. has been notorious for objectifying women in most of their highly sexual and controversial ads. But they also have been huge supporters of extreme anti-abortion causes. And if that’s not enough reason to avoid this fast food restaurant, they are also totally against gay rights. As a matter of fact, gay rights groups actually started calling the food “Bigot burgers” after the company’s founder, Carl Karcher, came out in support for a 1978 proposition which would have allowed school boards to fire any teacher for being gay or for advocating homosexuality. In addition Carl’s Jr. is also a big time donor for Conservative Super PACs and the Republican Party.

Here’s No. 10, Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters has a very well known reputation for being both anti-women and anti-gay. In 2008, the company’s president and founder, Richard Haney, decided to back one of the Presidential nominees. And of all of the choices out there he felt he most aligned with the homophobic Rick Santorum. And in addition this company is also a major donor for extreme Conservative causes and candidates.


Luckily for Regressive Left, the writer offers a balancing list of ten places you should shop at if you want to fight for rights and hug trees and stuff. Hold on to your hat: Starbucks makes the list, along with Microsoft and Martha Stewart. But here’s one you probably didn’t see coming:

No. 9, Heineken. The Heineken brewery is a major supporter of climate change. They have won many awards for their contributions and have a long history of working to cut both direct and indirect climate emissions. Earlier this year Heineken was recognized as a world leader for both transparency and corporate actions on climate change.

Waiter, make mine a… um… Coors. Mmmmm.


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