London Cabbies Warn Against Uber's 'Immigrant Drivers'

Open-minded Eur0peans

Steve McNamara, the general secretary for The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has spoken out against Uber, accusing the taxi-booking app of using immigrant drivers who have not been screened properly due to the fact they come from “third world countries”, and saying they are “more dangerous” than black cabs.


Uber rankles feathers everywhere because it challenges government-regulated monopolies. More correctly, it challenges what bureaucrats thought would be government-regulated monopolies. While these power-hungry bureaucrats all have the same endgame, it’s interesting to see that across the pond they’re actually able to publicly lament improper documentation when it comes to immigrants and jobs.

Here’s to empowering citizens to create jobs by ignoring the red tape that exists mainly to financially bleed the citizens and stifle innovation.


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