Happy Holidays: John McCain Acted Like A Republican Today

Pinch me.

U.S. Senator John McCain said on Thursday he is blocking President Barack Obama’s nomination of Anthony Blinken as the country’s number two diplomat, citing sharp disagreement with the nominee’s past statements on Iraq.

“He’s totally unqualified,” the Republican senator told Reuters, when asked why he was holding up Blinken’s nomination to be deputy Secretary of State.

“He’s the guy who said we’re leaving behind the richest, safest Iraq in history. Look it up,” McCain said, referring to Blinken’s reassuring comments two years ago about the decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq.


To be fair, Maverick has always been rather steady in his criticism of The Idiot King’s…ahem…foreign policy. Lately it’s just a refreshing surprise to find him getting attention without trashing conservative colleagues.

His point here is excellent too. There doesn’t seem to be a level of cluelessness which makes one unworthy of advancement in this administration. Now that virtually everything about the withdrawal from Iraq has literally and figuratively blown up, who in their right minds wants the guy who got is so wrong to be second honcho at State? This administration’s approach to foreign policy is like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Groundhog Day.

Then again, could there possibly be anything worse than having John Kerry in charge of State?


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