Fear Not, the Washington Post Is Still on the All-Important Elizabeth Lauten Story

The headline:

Who had the worst week in Washington? Elizabeth Lauten.

This is the kind of story that one would expect a recent hire at a lunatic fringe site like Media Matters or Talking Points Memo to be running with. That the flagship paper in the nation’s capital ran no fewer than twelve stories prior to this one is beyond embarrassing.


It’s also proof that the mainstream media doesn’t lean left, it is left. This isn’t biased reporting, it’s public relations work for the Democrats. President Obama and his signature achievement spent Thanksgiving under a bus, having been thrown there by members of Democratic leadership. He also went down to somewhere near #648 on his list of people to nominate for secretary of Defense because nobody really wants the job.

What does a faithful member of the cult do when the leader is being besieged by reality?

Whip up a distraction.

Elizabeth Lauten has to have had the worst week in Washington in the minds of Chris Cillizza and his ilk because the alternative–that their Messiah is failing–is just too painful to bear.

When future civilizations study the death of journalism and newspapers in our time, they will no doubt almost immediately note that it was by suicide.


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