Good News From the NFL Dept: Andre Johnson's Annual Shopping Spree for Kids

See? They’re not all bad.

Not only is Houston Texans star Andre Johnson an All-Pro wide receiver, but he also makes a pretty good Santa Claus.

Johnson recently continued his awesome annual tradition of acting as “Andre Claus” in a local toy store. It’s the 33-year-old’s way of giving back and making sure kids enjoy the holidays.

This year, Johnson gave 11 kids the opportunity to get everything they wanted for Christmas. The Texans wideout gave them 80 seconds to fill their carts with as much stuff as they wanted.


The kids are all under the care of Child Protective Services. The final total for Johnson this year’s shopping spree was $16,266.

With all of the negative publicity some extraordinarily bad seeds in the NFL have gotten this year, it’s nice to remember that many of them use their fame and wealth to try to do a little good in the community.


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