Shocking News: Rosie O'Donnell Is 'Rude' and 'Impossible' -- The View May Fire Her

Rosie O’Donnell is “impossible to deal with,” say View insiders who are talking to TMZ.

Shocking, huh.

Among the complaints about the 52-year-old personality is that she is a ‘malcontent’ who is ‘bringing down’ the show.

And with the ratings for the afternoon chat fest on a steady decline, no one wants to put up with her reportedly unpleasant behavior.

O’Donnell’s reported bad attitude allegedly comes from her unhappiness that she is not in charge of the hosts. Rather it is Whoopi Goldberg who is the key ‘moderator.’

‘She is impossible to deal with,’ an insider told TMZ. ‘She is rude both on and off camera.’


What exactly does O’Donnell bring to the show, or any show? She isn’t funny, she’s too ignorant and hard-headed to be insightful, and it’s not like she’s blessed with an obvious TV presence. She’s a nutball 9-11 truther. Honestly, Rosie is pretty much a surly, mean train wreck — and that’s obvious from thousands of miles away. Can you imagine working with her day in and day out?


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