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Rep. Raul Labrador: Obama Interfered When the House Neared Passing an Immigration Bill

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) appeared on MSNBC today and shot down the Obama White House’s effort to paint the House as an intransigent block to immigration reform.

Labrador told host Jose Diaz-Balart that the Republican-controlled House was working on a bill and was close to passage. But the closer the bill got to being passed, the more the Obama White House interfered to stop it.

According to Rep. Labrador, “[The House bill] was something that would be acceptable to the House, would include all of the areas of immigration we needed to do. It was going to include border security, interior security, and the more the White House heard about what the House was doing, the more they interfered. His chief of staff, the president’s chief of staff at the time, decided to call House Democrats and tell them that they needed to stop negotiating with House Republicans because they wanted the only vehicle for immigration reform, they want it to be the Senate bill. The president is in essence telling the American people it is only the Senate bill that is the only vehicle for immigration reform and that nothing else is acceptable.”

Other than executive action, which President Obama repeatedly rejected as illegal but now intends to impose.

Labrador went on to note that the major difference between the Senate bill and the one that the House was working on was the latter’s prioritization of security ahead of any legalization for those already in the country illegally.