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Irritated Pro-Amnesty Group Leaks Details of Obama's Amnesty Hours Ahead of His Speech

President Obama invited Democrats and several representatives of pro-amnesty groups to the White House to hear details of his edict.

One of those groups, citing Obama’s deportation record, decided to break the embargo and release the White House’s talking paper on the president’s plan ahead of time.

The group, the National Immigration Youth Alliance, says: “Early leak of a White House Press Release on Obama’s announcement for Executive Action.”

“Ideally we would have respected an embargo, but after 2 million deportations the President has lost a tad bit of respect from our organization. We don’t care to play on their terms…

“No anticipated language on individuals who have been deported, or who were forced to leave due to attrition style policies.”

In other words, they want some deported aliens allowed back in, and are upset that the president’s unilateral plan does not go far enough.

You may read the entire leaked press release here.

The 8-page document spells out five key facts about the plan. They include:

1. You must meet strict requirements to qualify for relief from deportation

2. You Cannot Apply (for relief) for Several Months

3. Recent Border Crossers will be a Priority for Deporation

4. If you commit fraud you will not qualify

5. Beware of Immigration Scams

Point 2 is likely to spark interest both in Congress and states contemplating suing the administration to stop the president in his tracks. If people cannot apply immediately, courts will have more time to rule on the plan one way or the other.