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Harry Reid Terrified That Republicans Might Act Like They Won the Election


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he’s making progress with Republican leaders on funding the government — then needled John Boehner and Mitch McConnell over whether they can corral their conservative members and avoid a second government shutdown.

“We’ve heard there are going to be no government shutdowns from the leaders, but members of their caucuses are really saying some very scary things. So the question is whether the Republican leaders will be able to stand up to the radical forces within their own party,” Reid said on Monday afternoon.

“It’s a large number of members of the Republican caucus over here and of course the Republican caucus in the House. Can these Republican leaders stand up to these people who are intent on holding our government hostage?”

Translation: “Ted Cruz scares the crap out of us; will the gentleman from Kentucky please make him go away since we can’t seem to do so?”

The real problem is that McConnell may actually play into this nonsense. Sometimes I think he worries more about crushing Cruz than crushing the Democrats.

It is quite amusing that the Democrats are trotting out the same old talking points that led them to such spectacular defeat a couple of weeks ago. The beauty of it is that not one major player of theirs seems to grasp that they were annihilated two weeks ago. If they want to stick to the playbook, I say let them do it until they’ve talked themselves out of the White House too.

Here’s a gem that shows Politico and its ilk still stuck heavily in the denial stage of grief too (emphasis mine):

The confluence of the fast-approaching deadline and the timing of Obama’s immigration action are now muddling the prospects for a drama-free shutdown prevention effort that House Speaker Boehner of Ohio and Senate GOP Leader McConnell of Kentucky had hoped would set the tone for Republican control of Congress beginning in January. And given how last year’s shutdown damaged the GOP’s brand, Democrats are wasting no time in exploiting the unrest in the GOP.

The brand was so damaged that it now controls the Senate, House and a majority of the statehouses and state legislatures in the United States.

I say bring on some more brand-damaging behavior.

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