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PHOTO: Here's a Bunch of Liberals Literally Burying Their Heads in Sand

Mashable reports on a strange form of protest that happened today in Sydney, Australia.

A few hundred liberals gathered on a beach, arranged themselves in a circle, and buried their heads in sand for two minutes.

I’m not lying. Take a look. Click on the image to enlarge it.



This scene requires some detailed looks.





I don’t even want to know why the person below has their pants down around their knees.



These same liberals probably think the beheaders of ISIS aren’t an actual threat. Dipping heads in sand won’t change that or their minds.

The purpose of the protest is supposedly to “raise awareness” that Australian PM Tony Abbott isn’t totally on board with the warmists’ agenda. He has his “head in the sand,” get it?

But all it really does is point out the posture that liberals want everyone else to assume — on our knees, butts in the air, unable to defend ourselves from the predations of criminals and big and unaccountable government. Which are often, one and the same.