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Boehner Sternly Warns Obama Not to Go Rogue on Amnesty

Earlier today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) gave a few remarks on President Obama’s amnesty threat.

Boehner said that “all options are on the table” to stop the president from granting a form of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who are currently in the country.

Pressed on whether a government shutdown could be one of those options, Boehner said “Our goal is to stop the president, not shut down the government,” but did not rule out a possible shutdown.

Pressed further, Boehner warned that if Obama insists on granting amnesty by executive order, he will not get certain things that he wants.

The media are going to frame any and every action taken by the Republicans as either being a shutdown or threatening to become a shutdown. Lying for Obama is an old habit to the media by now. In this case, Obama’s stubbornness is what would have led to any shutdown. The media won’t note that.

The bottom line is that after the election, Obama is intentionally picking fights with Congress and probing to see how much he can get away with. If he breaks the Constitution, not only will Obama not mind, he will welcome that.