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Yeah, Even in Beijing Obama is Still an Embarrassment

Hearing Obama is still a fool half way around the world after a day of celebrating Americans who have valiantly sacrificed it all for our freedoms is pretty much apropos. I mean I am never flabbergasted with this Administration. Can it get any better than waking and reading USA Today’s article on how Chinese are giving our limo-arriving-gum-smacking POTUS a new one for his rude arrival ahead of an Economic Summit in Beijing? Nope. And this was no small gathering either. Organizers billed it as the biggest international event in the Chinese capital outside of the 2008 summer Olympic Games.

Again. No.

Hearting All White House Staffers

Bravo is in order to the White House staffers. Even our short-leash-purse-string-Chinese-benefactors took to the Internet to dog our commander-in-chief for his latest antics. One even labeled him a ‘careless rapper.’ Who are these White Staffers who are allowing Obama to look like a total fool? I mean those closest to the president are the ones who are supposed to make sure he’s not trailing TP when he exits the restroom. But lately he’s been trailing so much more.

I want to heart all White House staffers personally. Every single one of them deserves a standing ovation. Consider this blog post solely dedicated to you. And while I’m at it, I’d like to thank all the staffers who report to FLOTUS. Telling her Braley is pronounced ‘Bailey’ was a stroke of genius. Ditto for the fib that Bruce Braley served our country in uniform when really it was his dad and Republican challenger Joni Ernst. Ernst of course won her senate seat in Iowa and that’s exactly the result we wanted. I mean it doesn’t get any funnier than this so I heart you.

Funnier than an SNL Skit

Even Saturday Night Live isn’t this consistently funny. I mean SNL has had their moments. What with Justin Timberlake’s infamous “D*ck in the Box”, and more recently “Stanx” and Miley Cyrus as a manicurist with former SNL actor and talk show host Jimmy Fallon, and of course the oldies with comic greats like Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and late John Belushi. Yet, still. Not even our 43rd president George W. Bush looked like a bigger cad in either term than Obama has in the last couple of months. Ditto for FLOTUS.

So keep up the great work, White House staffers. With your help, antics from the Obamas over the last few months are not only providing great material for standups and fodder for bloggers, they’re even surprisingly upping the I.Q. of foot-in-his-mouth Vice President “Joe-in-the-Box-Biden.”