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Chelsea Clinton's Idea of Rebelling Against Her Parents: Getting a Private Sector Job

This gushing, cringeworthy conversation — it’s not an interview — between Katie Couric and Chelsea Clinton is hard to watch:

Couric asks Chelsea, “Was it hard growing up the child of famous and rich people, who happened to control the country for 8 years?”

Chelsea, displaying no imagination whatsoever, cannot even envision life being any other way. Cannot conceive of such a thing.

But she did rebel against her presidential parents.

“I certainly spent my 20s rebelling, for me. Like, working in the private sector and trying really hard to care about things that my parents didn’t care about,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea Clinton just admitted that her parents really don’t care about the private sector. She also adds that working in the private sector taught her things that she did not learn around the Clinton dinner table.

We continue.

“But ultimately, I am my parents’ daughter and ultimately cared most about what they cared most about.”

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