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House Ethics Panel to Investigate the Zero Dollars Congressman Bobby Rush Has Paid in Office Rent for 20 Years

The Chicago Way.

The House Ethics Committee on Monday announced it is probing whether Rep. Bobby Rush D-Ill. improperly received free rent for a South Side office in violation of state and federal laws and House rules and standards of conduct.

The panel released a report from the Office of Congressional Ethics which concluded there were potentially violations stemming from a lack of rental payments for the South Side office going back decades, amounting to $365,040 for about 20 years.

The OCE, in forwarding its investigative report to the House ethics panel in June, said there was “substantial reason” to believe the free rent amounted to in-kind contributions that violated House rules as well as state and federal laws.

This story would be heart warming if they were investigating him after two years. That it took two decades to figure this out just makes you wonder what other egregious violations are floating around out there among the more ethically challenged representatives of the people. It’s probably best just to begin an investigation into any Illinois Democrat before he or she even takes the first oath of office.

Remember kids, it’s the Democrats who are continually shouting from the rooftops that money in politics is bad.