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Democrat Pollster: 'Narcissistic' Obama Will 'Blow the Country Up'

Pat Caddell is a lifelong Democrat, and was Jimmy Carter’s pollster. He appeared on Fox Report on Sunday to discuss whether Obama will negotiate with Republicans now that the voters have given them control of both the House and the Senate.

The short answer on immigration reform, according to Caddell, is “No.” Obama will do what he will do, because he is who he is and no election result will change him.

“He is who he is,” Caddell fumed. “He is willing to blow his party and the country up because he is a narcissistic man who doesn’t have a clue how to do his job.”

Caddell is right, but there is more to Obama’s post-election antics than his obvious narcissism. Barack Obama did not come to the presidency with any history of compromise or negotiation on his resume. He came to the presidency with a couple of big red flags on his record. In both the Illinois and the United States Senates, Obama tended to do one of two things. When he could safely go with the far left, he went with the far left. When that option did not look safe, he hid and voted “present” or just did not vote at all. Obama’s history of going far left when he can, and hiding who he is when he has to, goes all the way back to his college days, according to his own autobiographies. Nothing in his history suggests that he is even interested in compromising.

He was never a leader. He still is a “community organizer,” which is fancy term for “rabble rouser.” Or “shakedown artist.” And that’s all he will ever be.

It’s going to be an interesting two years.