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No One Fears Obama Anymore

Tuesday’s devastating losses may already be triggering a civil war in the Democratic Party. But it’s one-sided — the remaining Democrats in Congress versus Barack Obama.

Over at NRO, Ramesh Ponnuru highlights comments made on the record by Sen. Harry Reid’s chief of staff, David Krone. Krone went on the record to slam Obama and his political operation, evidently with Reid’s approval.

Reid was Obama’s human shield in the Senate over the past six years. It was Reid who kept legislation passed by the House Republicans from getting any votes in the Senate, and who blocked Republicans even from being able to offer amendments to bills. Reid’s aim was protecting Senate Democrats from having to publicly split with Obama, and to prevent Obama from having to veto any legislation that had gotten through both the Senate and the House. Such votes might have ended up helping endangered Democrats survive their terrible Tuesday. Reid might even still be majority leader.

Now Reid is no longer the majority leader in the Senate. Republicans now own his home state government too.

Reid made his choices, but projecting blame is always easier than accepting responsibility.

Twitchy highlights a tweet first sent out by the leftwing and seconded by the director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. His name is Guy Cecil.

Vox tweeted out a graph that shows clearly that Obama was a drag in the battleground states, a decisive drag.

The director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee agrees.

That tweet is still up, not deleted.

The media love to play up any evidence at all of a civil war among Republicans. Here we have the Democrats’ Senate leadership directly blaming Obama for their defeats. But Obama is unique among presidents. He is not beholden to the Democratic Party. He has his own party that he controls outside the DNC — his Organizing for America groups and his Battleground Texas-style groups. They’re supposed to be independent, but in reality they answer to him and his operation.

We have the makings and the rumblings of a Democratic civil war. Let’s watch the mainstream media ignore it.