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At Bipartisan Lunch Meeting, GOP Leadership Reiterates Opposition To Executive Action On Immigration

Holding steadfast, for now.

Republicans in Congress emerged from a bi-partisan lunch at the White House on Friday steadfast in their opposition to President Obama taking executive action on immigration, but open to working together on other issues like Ebola and foreign policy.

“We talked about the idea of trying to move forward,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said after the meeting. “We also expressed to him if more executive actions are taken, that would make it difficult to work together. We think we should start with a fresh start.”

They may be opposed to an executive end-around, but Boehner is still in love with the idea of making immigration reform legislation a priority. In fact, he probably would have mucked up a lot of the gains in this past election had McConnell not been in election year conservative mode.

While it’s encouraging that The Idiot King is being told that he can’t just impose his merry unilateral will on the country, a close eye still needs to be kept on any Republicans who play into the “OMG REFORM NOW!” game, as too many of them have troubling notions of just what that reform should look like.