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Will Fired Presidential Bodyguard Kenneth Tate Get an Obamaphone?

When a new Administration has a media-worthy faux pas during the initial 30 days of swearing in, legislative experts who spend a good chunk of their day on Capital Hill like Eli Gold, Vice President of the London Center for Public Policy chalk it up to inexperience. Yet even Gold questions the series of egregious faux pas coming out of the White House in the past few weeks and months. Gold had this to say about the barrage of missteps that continue to plague our commander in chief in the 24×7 unforgiving media circus and unrelenting blogosphere:

“Faux pas of this magnitude occurring seven years later when we’re well into Obama’s second term is not only sloppy and unacceptable, it’s inexcusable,”

So imagine the handwringing and brow patting that must be occurring inside the White House when every other day more dookie hits the fan. From Styrofoam salutes to FLOTUS flubs to kicking Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the cajones via The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg’s bombshell to blaming Israel for U.S. failed foreign policy blunders like failed diplomacy with Iran, failed Middle East peace talks, and worldwide (and even stateside) spread of ISIS (ISIL) and Ebola.

And now Tate? Firing a $42,000 a year security officer at age 49 for taking some candid moments? Firing for what exactly? Carrying a CDC authorized firearm? For experiencing what Tate said was the best day of his career, escorting our POTUS? For having unconfirmed priors that the Washington Post initially reported then retracted? Or for some other reason entirely? 49? Sounds like a perfectly great example of defamation and age discrimination to me (hint, hint: nothing a descent lawyer can’t help with).

Bright Side? Maybe You’ll Get an Obama Phone (or Sell a Memoir)

Tate claims he was scolded by Secret Service for taking photos of the president and shadowing his motorcade. Hmm. Isn’t that what a bodyguard is suppose to do? Ok, maybe not ham it up with a camera. But shadowing is part and parcel of the job. Tate’s former employer, Professional Security Corporation, isn’t doing him any favors by failing to corroborate his story and claiming his version of the day is “inaccurate.”

But no worries Tate, a secret service official is quoted in USA Today stating the inspector general’s office of Homeland Security is investigating incidents leading to your unsanctimonious firing. So if the investigator of Homeland Security is anything like the TSA uniformed wenchbot who body scanned me, gave me a full pat down (breasts and body), and tested my digits in San Francisco for chemical residue, count on remaining jobless and maybe just maybe you too can get the dole and free Obamaphone (or sell your memoir to the highest bidder).