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That's Right, Battleground Texas Is Not From Texas

Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka reads last rites to the leftwing agitprop and grifter group known as Battleground Texas.

But his column, while entertaining, is not the best read over on that page. This comment by CCIslander is hands down, the best comment ever written about Battleground Texas (so far).

I’m in South Texas. They (Battleground Texas) have imported labor…canvassers and phone bankers etc…This is not a joke but a white guy and girl seriously tried to con us into believing they were raised in South Texas to fit in…and not that this matters on substance but neither of them knew the importance of wearing deodorant, seriously you would have thought they slept in an onion truck. They talked about the environment and how bad oil and gas are for our planet (all the jobs around here are in oil and gas) and about abortion being a precious right that we must protect (we are catholic and insulted that they believe that is our issue). We offered them some bbq (fajitas) and they were vegetarians. wow! That is practically a cardinal sin down here. They clearly were not from Texas, did not understand our values much less South Texas culture. It is obvious. Mr. Bird needs to go home and take his out of staters with him. I think they may actually have flipped some D’s to vote Republican.

CCIslander wasn’t finished.

the other big thing we noticed was how far left these people were. it made us realize we have more in common with our republican friends among us than those battleground people. the should change their name to LOSINGGROUND TEXAS

 *The post’s title is an obvious homage to Lyle Lovett’s “That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas).” Contrary to Lovett’s song, Texas doesn’t want Battleground Texas anyway.