Jeanne Shaheen Jokes About Scott Brown 'Sneaking Over the Border'

Scott Brown was once a senator in Massachusetts but is currently running to unseat Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire. Shaheen joked on Monday that the state needs to secure its border to keep him out.


We sorta let this guy sneak over the border. You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been debating border security a little bit in this campaign. Clearly, we didn’t do enough to secure the southern border of New Hampshire.

Har har. Imagine if a Republican accused anyone of “sneaking over the border.” The media would turn that comment around against every other Republican on the planet.

Meanwhile, President Obama, whom Shaheen supports and votes with all of the time, has left the actual border wide open to crossings by drug cartel operatives and is plotting to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Obama’s government has released violent criminal aliens into the population and has shipped thousands of children illegal aliens all over the country. No sneaking required — the cartels and the coyotes and everyone else can just walk across.

Very funny, Shaheen.

By the way, enhanced New Hampshire border security might be used against Jeanne Shaheen herself. That hypocrite is originally from Missouri and went to high school in Pennsylvania before attending university in Mississippi. She voted with her fellow Democrats, against completing the fence on the actual U.S.-Mexico border. So border security is an issue that Shaheen ought not inject into the campaign.


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