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Ebola Tip of the Decade: Don’t Eat Feces or Mucus

Not sure about you but I nearly fell out of my chair giggling when I saw NY anchor Errol Lewis mouth what has to be the most side-splitting Ebola tip of the decade:

“Blood, mucus, feces, semen. Now if you came across some strange mucus or feces out there on the or subway or anywhere else, don’t eat it.”

Not My Kind of Soft-Serve

Er, methinks not. I mean unless you’re certifiably insane, got possessed by neighborhood demons, or you magically turn into a werewolf at sundown, chances are high you’re not scouting for street side loogies or turds. I mean is Lewis trying to say his viewers munch on bodily excrements? Or is he just trying to make the 24 x 7 news cycle and blogosphere as some of the clips on YouTube have already generated nearly 100K views.

There’s no doubt Ebola and ISIS (ISIL) have the entire country on the edge of their seat. Frankly, Lewis’s comment was more about serving himself then informing his viewers with insightful tips. So to gain a pulse on what constituents in Iowa are thinking I turned to uncontested Republican Senator Bill Anderson in Iowa this morning. Anderson said the fear level is high among his constituents for both Ebola and ISIS. He believes it’s a testament of Obama’s failed foreign policy. Anderson had this to say:

“Everyone is on edge since Obama hasn’t enforced a travel ban. And ISIS? They know we’re not committed. When our commander in chief says: “No boots on the ground” he just told our enemy what he will and won’t do. Taking an option off the table creates weakness. All ISIS has to do is withstand our drone attacks and hunker down. It’s a complete and total failure. It’s why ISIS has flourished. And the region has become even more unstable and tumultuous under Obama’s reign. First the Arab spring turned winter and now ISIS.”

My chat with Senator Anderson confirmed what I had known for some time. Two national security threats—ISIS and Ebol—remain top of mind for most voters this November 4. We agreed Michelle Obama recent flubs and fibs in Iowa didn’t do diddly to promote Democrat challenger Bruce Braley either. Negative campaign ads against Ernst and King are tanking too among Iowans. Expect Republican Joni Ernst and congressman Steve King to win. And Ebola and ISIS? Count on the next administration to take up the slack.