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Christie, Cuomo Hold Fast on Ebola Quarantines, Clarify Policy

After a day of nurse Kaci Hickox complaining about her treatment in quarantine after arriving in New Jersey from Sierra Leone, Gov. Chris Christie stood firm on the new rules.






New York Mayor Bill De Blasio criticized Christie without mentioning him by name: “Anyone who has heard nurse Hickox explain her situation in her proud, compassionate, intelligent voice knows that what happened to her was inappropriate,” de Blasio said at a press conference. “Each government has to make decisions We understand that. … But the problem here is this hero is coming back from the front, having done the right thing, was treated with disrespect was treated with a sense that she had done something wrong when she hadn’t. We owe her better than that.” However, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said quarantines would remain, even if, like New Jersey, a state resident spends them at home.



Hickox lives in Maine, meaning the state of New Jersey would not have been able to monitor her quarantine at home. Christie, though, told the New York Times that she’ll be allowed to return home for the rest of her quarantine.

The state of New York has pointed out that Doctors Without Borders “typically” pays healthcare workers wages during quarantine, meaning that Hickox is not losing salary.