Egyptian Salafi Party Defends Islamic State from 'Secularists Who Never Fail to Distort Everything Connected to Islam'

Further demonstrating its true face, Egypt’s National Salafi Party recently refused to count the Islamic State as a “terrorist” organization, or even that it had misinterpreted Islam.


Despite the fact that the Islamic State’s many atrocities are well known—crucifixions, beheadings, massacres, enslavements and rapes—Yousry Hammad, the party’s vice president, said: “I hope that a delegation of ulema [Islamic scholars and jurisprudents] respond regarding the Islamic State’s creed and methodology—for this question preoccupies many of the Islamic community’s youth.”

He added that he did not trust many of the sources reporting on the Islamic State, “especially the secularists who never fail to distort everything connected to Islam.”

He made no comment regarding the atrocities the Islamic State itself has broadcast via videos and images on the Internet.

The Egyptian Salafi leader concluded by saying that, “If they [Islamic State] are righteous, I ask that Allah glorify Islam at the hands of the righteous; and if they are corrupt, Allah brings injustice against injustice, brings them against the injustice of Maliki and his allies, and Bashar and his allies…”




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