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Meet Ebola: Obama Brings a Top National Security Threat Stateside

So when did it become a US priority to fly in deadly airborne diseases from Ebola-stricken countries? Answer: now. President Obama and his Administration have yet to bar flights from Ebola-ravaged as Britain and some countries in Europe have. And who exactly is this helping. Answer: No one. Yet maybe our enemies across the globe who would love to see America and its terrorist enemies like ISIS who would pay to see Americans and our White House tango with a world-scale health epidemic.

Can you (open your piehole) and say Ahh?

So what measures are Obama, the world health organization (WHO) and Homeland Security taking to keep infected passengers from bringing what could be another AIDS outbreak (yet worse) stateside? Besides lectures? Not much. Unless of course you take stock in taking temperature of some already identified South African passengers. Stepped up screening passengers on flights to and from Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leon, but that’s not enough to keep the virus from spreading. And who’s to say they will take the temperatures of the right passengers?

We live in a global society where people hop planes to business meetings on a regular basis. In one week, I can name five people I know who are either in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan or Cairo. And I’ve been to Tunisia, Yugoslavia (when it was a country), Europe, Hondurus, and lots of islands in the Caribbean. I’ve even seen a package in Tahiti with the word: ECOLI on it. I have friends who are flight attendants who are taking teaching and department store jobs just to stay out of airports. Remember the air quality in planes isn’t always the best. It’s exactly why over-the-counter homeopathic remedies like Airborne and Purell are so popular.  Airborne to boost your immune system in the hopes of staving off colds, and Purell in the hopes of sanitizing you from germs you come in contact with from rails, doorknobs, arm rests and the like.

Stateside cases are real

Texas already showed us this with the first ever case of the disease transmitted via a nurse caring for a patient. And what happened to the patient. Oh not much. He died. But other than that try your best not to worry the next time you board an airplane, a bus, a subway or virtually any type of mass transit. And for that matter, don’t worry much when you enter a ballpark, a zoo, a concert, a ski resort or an amusement park or public restroom. Chances are slim you will happen to be near anyone’s sweat, breath, urine, blood, or feces. But if you’re a flight attendant, concert promoter, airport employee, mass transit worker or the like, wear a mask, a hazamat suit, a helmet, a bunch of foil or some type of protective gear, as you’re gonna need it.