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Shocker: No Charges in that 'Palin Fight' the MSM Wouldn't Shut Up About

You don’t say…

Police in Alaska say no charges will be filed in connection with a fight that broke out at a party and involved members of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s family.

Police on Thursday released a report on its investigation into the Sept. 6 brawl in Anchorage, including transcripts of interviews with multiple witnesses who said Palin’s daughter Bristol and son Track were in the thick of the brawl.

Those of us who grew up in small towns know that the social calendar involves the first days of various hunting seasons, Fourth of July, and quite a few drunken fights to keep everyone entertained in between those. This story was a nothingburger from the beginning but it had to be reported because the press is heavily invested in making the public think that the woman who understood foreign policy better than Obama is a dumb redneck.

If you look at the overwhelming body of accusations and rumors about Sarah Palin and her family, you will see that they have all pretty much never amounted to anything. However, plenty of damage gets done by the breathless coverage that happens before it all fizzles out.

Of course, there is very little reporting on the fizzle part.