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Your Daily MSM 'Romney 2016' Fantasy

This time, it’s Reuters scribbling in its Trapper Keeper.

Romney has stoked some of the 2016 speculation himself. He has gone from absolutely ruling it out in the months after he lost the 2012 election to equivocating in more recent public comments. “We’ll see what happens,” he told the New York Times Magazine.

He has clearly been energized by the attention he has drawn in campaigning for congressional candidates ahead of the Nov. 4 elections, most recently on a swing through Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Kentucky and Louisiana.

Polls are sounding an encouraging note. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll in August said 35 percent of Republican voters in Iowa, which Romney narrowly lost in the 2012 Republican caucuses, would go for him in 2016, far better than any other potential candidate.

A Romney run would depend on whether any of the current crop of potential candidates caught fire. Announcements are expected to begin shortly after the Nov. 4 elections and continue well into 2015.

There was no event to warrant Reuters posting this. Romney didn’t do anything publicly yesterday to precipitate it. This is just, like all of the others articles like this, wishful, hopeful thinking on the part of the leftmedia.

Yes, Romney is a very nice guy and was right about almost everything in 2012, but he still was an awful candidate. Deep in their dark little hearts, the MSM knows that Hillary is an awful candidate as well. They like their odds with Mitt as the even whiter and richer opponent for the sixty-something white, rich woman who will carry the banner for the party of youthful diversity.