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Walmart Cuts Health Benefits for 30,000 Part-Timer Workers Because of Obamacare

President Obama’s signature legislation continues to harm American workers by the thousands. Monday afternoon, Walmart announced that it is cutting health plans for 30,000 of its part-time workers.

The reason: Obamacare.

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, says that healthcare costs unexpectedly rose, and specifically cites Obamacare as the cause. So starting on January 1, 2015, 30,000 Americans join the ranks of the uninsured thanks to a program that was sold as a way to achieve universal health insurance.

If the long-term goal of Obama and his administration is not to achieve “universal” care in the private sector, but by creating a government-run system, Walmart’s decision may advance that goal. Many of the workers who are losing their employer-based insurance are going to be able to obtain insurance that is subsidized by the government — taxpayers whose employers still offer coverage, in other words.