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New Poll Shows Both Roberts and Brownback Now Up in Kansas

Some good news finally.

Two Republican incumbents are fighting to keep their jobs in Kansas.The new Fox News poll finds both of them — Sen. Pat Roberts and Gov. Sam Brownback — have jumped ahead of their challengers.

“We know that partisanship tends to assert itself as Election Day nears,” said Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll along with Democratic pollster Chris Anderson.“And that may be happening in Kansas.”

The Senate race clearly remains competitive, as 44 percent of likely voters in Kansas back Roberts, with 39 percent for independent Greg Orman and 3 percent for libertarian Randall Batson. Yet Orman was up by six points in a two-way matchup three weeks ago (48-42 percent).

This was looking very dicey the past few weeks, especially after the courts jumped in and tried to fix and election for the Democrats before the voting even took place. If Roberts loses, the GOP prospects for retaking the Senate become more of an uphill battle.

Honestly, it would be best for every Republican running to do so as if he or she is behind in the polls, whether that is the case or not. Complacency can be a killer in the midterms. Few people are paying attention anyway and it doesn’t take too many non-voters to sway results.