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Jesse Jackson Finds an Angle to Work in the Ebola Crisis

The thing about a grifter is, they can always find an angle. They can always find some way to turn just about any situation into a way to make themselves a little cash. In Jesse Jackson’s case, maybe that should be written “cachet.” Or modified to “cashet.” It’s a mix of both with the randy reverend, always has been and always will be.

The Dallas Ebola situation is not one that is racial in origins, makeup or trajectory. A Liberian man was exposed to the deadly Ebola virus in his home country, and he traveled to Brussels, to Washington DC and finally to Dallas, Texas knowing that he had been exposed.

He went to Texas Presbyterian Hospital once, knowing that he had been exposed, yet failed to tell medical personnel there about it. Only after he developed symptoms — and became contagious — did he enter the hospital and have Ebola confirmed by a lab in Austin. During the days between his first visit to the hospital and the second, he was contagious and exposed his own family as well as a large number of other people to the terribly deadly, but otherwise hard to contract virus.

The man, Thomas Eric Duncan, happens to be black, which is no surprise as he comes from Liberia, which is a country in Africa. He is not African-American; he is African.

Jesse Jackson has now parachuted into Dallas to make the whole situation worse, therefore making himself relevant to it. Where there is no racial division, Jackson will step in to create one.

DALLAS – The Rev. Jesse Jackson is in Dallas Tuesday to make sure Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is getting the best medical care possible.

Jackson said on Twitter that Duncan’s family asked for his help because they feel he has been shunned. He plans to bring them comfort and “seek the best humanitarian relief America has to offer.”

Perhaps Duncan has been “shunned” because he carries a deadly disease, and because he brought it to North America and lied while he did so. It happens. People don’t want to die, and certainly don’t want to suffer the horrors of Ebola.

In any case, Mr. Duncan is not being “shunned” by American medical services. Duncan has been given an experimental drug to treat his Ebola. It may work, and it may not — it’s experimental. But he is not being “shunned.” He has caused a major and unprecedented health concern in Texas, and is being treated at taxpayer expense — he has no job, and there is no indication that he is able to pay for any of the services that he is receiving.

The family appears to live in a deep entitlement mentality. So their alliance with Jesse Jackson makes perfect sense.

“We must kill the disease and not the person,” he tweeted.

No one is arguing otherwise, though should Duncan survive he ought to face prosecution both in Liberia and the United States.

Jesse Jackson will by then have skipped off to create racism somewhere else he finds an angle to work.

More: By the way, we have a Democrat administration in Washington and Democrats hold most of the power in Dallas and the county. So if Mr. Duncan is being shunned, he is being shunned by Democrats. Jackson is extremely unlikely to point that out.