This Unhinged Woman's Tearful Rant Will Change Your Mind About Food Forever, or Something

Hey speciesist, put down the moist brisket sandwich and listen up. That omelette that you ate for breakfast was not “food.” It was violence! And you’re a dirty rotten speciesist unless you agree now and stop eating anything that extremist vegans don’t approve of.


You speciesist!

Yeah, “speciesist.” Apparently some people are trying to make that a thing now.

Speciesism might not become a thing, but “Her name is Snow!” might become a meme. Because it’s hilarious.

The woman at the center of attention — surely that’s not on her mind at all here — calls herself Kelly Atlas. You may see her or her fellow (sorry, I guess that’s a sexist word now) #DisruptSpeciesism activists at a steakhouse, rib joint, sandwich, fish, chicken, pizza, burger, or other joint that serves up tasty animals near you.

If you see them, be polite because they’re clearly more than a little bit emotional, don’t look them directly in the eye if you can help it, and order up another helping.



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