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Latest Presidential Poll Points to a Mid-term Republican Landslide

Are you among the 58 percent of Republicans who plan to send the president a message of opposition come Nov. 4? I certainly am. This recent Gallup poll reminds me of the comment currently circling my Facebook thanks to Emmy-award winning comedic actor/ political commentator, Dennis Miller:

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him.”

I didn’t either (the second time around). In fact, we can see the writing on the wall this time around as the next election nears. The stats from this 2014 Gallup poll resembles the poll taken just before we witnessed the last huge gains for Republicans in the 2010 mid-term elections. Gallup’s recent number crunching emphasizes two currently held crystalized beliefs resonating in voters: 1) Republicans abhor president Obama; and 2) Democrats are on the fence about Obama and question what his legacy will really be. Aside from our commander-in-chief’s solidarity for Trayvon Martin, Michelle’s bangs, the dinner party crashed via Michaela and Tareq Salahi and the recent hoopla over yet another White House intruder.

Together, these two major cemented beliefs among voters spell a win for conservatives in general in the November 4 elections as Obama’s support has systemically waned since the Benghazi cover-up video emerged, and has only deteriorated more with each scandal coming off the heels of increasingly controversial Obamacare. Bailing out Wall Street vs. the 5 million Americans who went belly up on their homes, then weathering the IRS scandal and the lost emails of Lois Lerner plus four other employees (making every American collectively scratch their head wondering whey they can’t lose our tax bills). Americans can’t sleep at night much less breathe without hearing about our porous borders and the forever plagued immigration reform, which is quickly dying on the vine. A clear lack of foreign policy gains in the Middle East has continually dogged Obama. It’s hard to ditch Egypt, spank Israel, cradle terrorist-funding Iran, arm terrorist-funding Qatar, and breast-feed terrorist-enabling Turkey all while pretending ISIS (ISIL or the Islamic State) is nonexistent until some lowlife Americans jumped country to join in on the beheadings.

At this point, Obama is best known for Trayvon Martin, the Occupy Movement, Ferguson and trying to take our guns away. Adios and touché to former gun-control-guru CNN talk show host, Pierce Morgan. And now? Honestly, the only way Democrats can win mid-term elections Nov. 4 is if the ghosts of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson all emerged in unison and summoned every other dead American to cast their vote.