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Becoming Iran’s Bedfellow is a Mistake of Gargantuan Proportions

Senator Ted Cruz is right to praise president Obama for keeping his radar on the release of Iranian American Christian pastor Saeed Abedin from an Iranian prison. He’s also right to criticize our commander-in-chief on the danger of becoming Iran’s bedfellow now that ISIS (aka ISIL or the Islamic State) is terrorizing Syria and Iraq, vowing death to the West, and continues its hobby of making heads-rolling-flicks.

Yet after Obama’s controversial trade of what many deem traitor-deserter army private Bowe Bergdahl this brings up another captive closer to our shared border with Mexico, US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi who has weathered six months in a Mexican prison on gun charges.

According to Fox News, a Tijuana judge just green-lighted a psychiatrist to travel to Tecate prison to examine Tahmooressi to determine if he has post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). Tahmoorsessi’s attorney is requesting the court to transfer his client to the United States for PSTD treatment. Tahmooressi is facing six to 21 years if convicted of entering Mexico with legally purchased and registered firearms in his truck.

Now if president Obama could just convince Iran to stop spinning its centrifuges, gain the release of Abedin, bring back Tahmooressi and lose attorney general Eric Holder ASAP, maybe, just maybe we can try to find it in our hearts to forgive his administration’s lack of security in Benghazi, which epic failure singlehandedly took the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other consulate staff (though we will never forget the lame cover-up video).