Prosecutor in Perry Case Accused of Ripping Off Taxpayers

Ya don’t say

A Houston lawyer is alleging the prosecutor handling the indictment against Rick Perry is over-charging taxpayers for his services, breaking the same law the governor stands accused of violating.

In a criminal complaint sent Monday to the Travis County district attorney’s office, Houston criminal defense attorney David Rushing says special prosecutor Michael McCrum is abusing his official capacity by billing the county $300 per hour, or more than three times the highest possible rate set by a state law.

Travis County’s guidelines for the law, however, make it possible for an attorney in McCrum’s situation to earn less or more per hour if the circumstances are unusual. Perry, who has characterized the case against him as politically motivated, is the first Texas governor to be indicted in nearly a century.


The smell of fish on this indictment can only start to stink more. However, as the those in the Drunk DA camp are finding out, Rick Perry has some lawyers of his own, and probably more support than they bet on.

As Tatler editor Bryan Preston has noted in several posts, this could still go sour for the governor because of the county in which it is being prosecuted.

Then again, the sober people might win.


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