Obama Claims that He's a Foe of Excessive Regulations

President Obama addressed the Clinton Global Initiative’s meeting today. You won’t believe what he said.

President Obama has presided over a “war on coal” since coming to office. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would do it, that it would force energy prices to “skyrocket,” and even allowed that his regulatory plan would “bankrupt” anyone who wanted to build a coal-burning power plant.


Obama’s IRS has stamped down hard on groups of Americans who are ideologically opposed to his agenda.

But Obama stood up and with a straight face claimed that he’s a foe of “excessive” government regulations and heavy-handed actions. Azerbaijan, Hungary, Russia…Barack Obama the Hypocrite would like to have a word with you.

Once he figures out how to pronounce “Azerbaijan,” anyway.

It’s as if the man has no memory of the words that come out of his mouth, and is unaware that YouTube exists.


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