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Court Orders Taylor Off Ballot In Kansas

Don’t count those chickens yet

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Democrat Chad Taylor’s name must be removed from the ballot for U.S. Senate, dealing a blow to Republicans in the battle for the Senate majority.

In a 10-page ruling, the court that when Taylor ended his Senate campaign, he fulfilled all of the requirements to have his name taken of the ballot. In doing so, they overruled Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), who argued Taylor’s name must stay on since he never explicitly said he was incapable of serving.

The ruling is a setback for vulnerable Sen. Pat Roberts (R) because it enables his main opponent to pursue anti-Roberts voters without serious competition.


Where would the Democrats be without the help of various judges and courts who seem forever willing to help them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? I don’t even know why they bother laboring for campaign money anymore-why not just fire off an email to a friendly judge detailing the preferred outcome?

For Republicans, maybe this will serve as a sobering reminder that so very many things can go wrong between now and the first week of November. There has been a little too much early victory dancing lately, as if mass amnesia hit and everyone forgot about the polling debacle in 2012.

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