Forget 'Rent Free'-Koch Brothers Now Building High Rise Condos In Harry Reid's Head


Industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch and “their cronies” are “enemies of progress” in developing green energy, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday at the start of his annual energy conference.

“We must repel the negative forces seeking to undermine support for clean energy,” said Reid, who has spent much of the past year denouncing the Kochs. “Huge amounts of money is being spent in misleading American consumers through a sophisticated and dishonest public relations campaign.”

He added: “These enemies of progress and their cronies are spending massive amounts of money to mislead every level of government.”

Reid didn’t refer to the Kochs by name but told the National Clean Energy Summit 7.0 audience, “I think each of you know who I’m talking about.”


That’s right, Reid is so pathetic with his Koch whining that he doesn’t even have to mention them. Everyone is well-aware of his almost pathological obsession at this point.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Democrat leaders could be more willing to use the word “enemies” for, you know, our actual enemies, rather than Republicans?

They’d have to undergo a fundamental philosophical shift and actually see the threats from abroad more dangerous than political dissent at home and that’s just not the way the modern, progressive-dominated Democrats work.


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