Apparently Hate IS a Family Value for the Chair of the Democratic Party

DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker of abusing women violently today.

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz ripped into Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s record Wednesday during a round-table discussion on women’s issues at the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

The Florida congresswoman said: “Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand. I know that is stark. I know that is direct. But that is reality.”

Wasserman Schultz added: “What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. It is not going to happen on our watch.”

Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said she was “shocked” that Wasserman Schultz used domestic violence language to discuss political disagreements.


DWS’ comments are obviously dishonest and far over the line. Where is the media, to follow her around and make her apologize, while they pester every other Democrat in the country to either agree with her or denounce her? Which Texas media will pester Wendy Davis to announce whether she agrees or not? Any takers?

Prediction: The Democratic Party will do exactly nothing to reprimand her. In fact, they will circle around her and praise her, for her “boldness.”

DWS is the sort of person that today’s Democratic Party likes, promotes, and believes is an effective communicator.

Out in the real world, the Democrats have no chance of recapturing the House, and are likely to lose the Senate, while Republicans will retain their hold on state legislatures and governors seats — even in Wisconsin.


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